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1873 Winchester Rifle Forend and Stock Replacement / Restoration

This was a fun job and a change from target shooting, but the challenge was to replace the stock and forend and keep the authenticity and patina of a gun that is over a hundred years old.  Too shiny is … Continue reading

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3 Nice Rifle Stock Blanks ~ Koa and Walnut

Claro Walnut Stock   Claro Walnut The wood of J. hindsii is commonly called claro walnut by the lumber industry and woodworkers.[5] It is highly figured with a rich brown color and striking grain patterns, especially in the crotch areas, where large limbs meet the … Continue reading

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Fiddleback Bastone Walnut Smallbore Rifle

Fiddleback Bastone Walnut Smallbore Rifle with Anschutz action

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Karl Kenyon’s Memorial services – Ely, Nevada

The following info on Karl Kenyon’s Memorial Service was sent by David Kimes, along with this note: “Were it not for Karl Kenyon I would have one less World Championship gold medal with world record (shared with Lones Wigger), and possibly not … Continue reading

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European Walnut Smallbore Rifle

I am converting this rifle stock from left handed to right handed.  This was a Clifford Pierson stock for an Anschutz rifle.  I’ve added the pistol grip cap to lengthen the pistol grip so that the hand will be more … Continue reading

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