Winchester 52-B Solid Bottom Receiver

This rifle was missing the stock and the trigger. Finally found a trigger and a stock that worked. Put it all back together.

When people had to turn in their firearms in England, Mac Tilton purchased a number of containers. This rifle was found. The person that purchased it thought is was rather unusual. They found out it was owned by C.J. Hyde. It was discovered that he had won a number of World Championships with this rifle. I’ve attached an article. It has had three Eric Johnson barrels on it. I believe Winchester made this receiver. The shape of the numbers are very similar to the ones that Winchester uses. The way it’s stamp looks to be an experimental Winchester. This rifle is a real treasure and it’s a shame that it was lost from the English Shooting Community in this way.

The trigger that I found, I believe to be a Smith Trigger. I noticed that the wear patterns on the pervious trigger don’t match match. Possibly, the original trigger was a Wright Allen. I tried to bring this rifle back with the parts that I had to match the rifle’s time period. Every once in a while you get to work on something that intrigues you this much. It was a real thrill to work on an item of such historical importance. I’ve worked on a few modern World Championship rifles and to have worked on this one brings it all full circle.

If anyone can add anymore info to this, please let me know.

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