Doan Trevor


6 Responses to MetalWorking

  1. Garage Mike says:

    Hey Doan,

    Beautiful work on the Vet’s rifle !! I’ll be hunting up Bobby or Mike for tickets. I have a room to share in Phoenix if Barry’s coach get too crowded. I’ll be there on the 2nd.
    My best to Sue –


  2. Jeff Howard says:

    Mr. Trevor, I saw your adjustable buttplate on German Salazar’s article on I have a factory Rem. 40X stock with a 1 way adjustable pad, that will adjust up and down, but not for length of pull or cant. The one German used on his 40XL project looks like a great one to replace mine. I would like to have as little wood removed from the current stock as practical. I have my rifle set up in 6.5 Creedmore and plan to use it for both NRA long range, and F-Class competition. The stock is perfect for long range prone but not so much for F-Class. I am also wondering about an adjustable cheek piece. Could you give me an idea about cost for instalation of the butt pad, and also for the adjustable cheek piece. Thank you for your time.
    Kindest regards,

    Jeff Howard

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  4. Sean Nichol says:

    Aloha Mr. Trevor,

    I am very interested in having a spec M1A stock made from our beautiful Hawaiian Curley koa wood. Please  provide approximate cost for your fine work. I will furnish and ship selected koa to you and handle all shipping and ship hard crate as well.

    I would like stock and matching hand guard  made of koa. 

    I will also ship all new Springfield Armory stock hardware for fitment / install.

    Please e-mail cost or feel free to call me for budget and specify dimension of koa section required for my budget.

    Have gone over your web site and realy like what i see, i am a fan of koa bowls and other local woods such as ohia & monkeypod.

    As far as finish – traditional  oil rub.

    Much Mahalo  !!

    Sean Nichol
    Kaila, Hawaii 96734

    Office: 808-262-6507
    Cell: 808-864-0664

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  6. Max D says:

    Great read thaanks

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