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Maple Prone Palma Rifle Finished

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Maple Prone Palma Rifle ~ Installing Steve McGee Cheekpiece

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22 Rimfire English Walnut Prone Stock Finished

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Revised Anschutz Adjustable Buttplate #2

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Revised Anschutz Adjustable Buttplate – In process

I tried to purchase a new buttplate like this, but it became a daunting task…… too difficult, too proud, and too expensive.  I decided to make one.  This is half done and will be refined.  The red color that you … Continue reading

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F-Class Front Rest Center Column

The reason for cutting this wedge shaped (or tapered) slot is to prevent the center column from crashing when the hold down screw is loosened, causing  black finger disease.  I’ve noticed that some F-Class shooters have injured fingers.  

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Shaping Trigger Guard Prone Smallbore Rifle

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Barry Teaching Doan how to use an iPad

……… or was it Doan teaching Barry how to us an iPad??? They mistakenly ordered 15 boxes of the wrong bullets. That’s why they’re drinking.    

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