Veteran’s Rifle

To see all photos and progress on Veteran’s rifle, click here.

Action for Veteran's Rifle IMG_3947

Action for Veteran's Rifle IMG_3949

Progress of building the third rifle for the US Palma Veterans Team raffle.

July 8, 2009 ~ Cheekpiece riser and right and left adjuster.  The bar on top will be used to hold the magnet in the cheekpiece, which is detachable.

Fitting Butt Plate Veteran's Rifle 09 IMG_3042

Update on Donations for Veteran’s Team Palma Rifle

Here’s a current update on the status of the donations for the Palma Veterans Team RIfle …

Krieger Barrels has donated a barrel.

Scott Riles has offered to donate a front sight and trigger.

Richards Microfit and Doan Trevor have  donated the stock

It looks like we’ll be getting an action from Jerry Stiller

For any donations and or contributions, please leave a comment or contact Mike Sinclair at

Offset Sight

Here’s a picture of an offset sight which I made for Mike Dunia with the help of Scott Riles.  The globe is Scott’s, and I adapted it to the offset sight. This is for a Remington but could be adapted / customized for other actions.

Offset sight IMG_2857

Machined out place for cheekpiece riser and thumbwheel.

Fitting Butt Plate Veteran's Rifle 09 IMG_3040

6 Responses to Veteran’s Rifle

  1. Wesley in Louisiana says:

    Dayum! (That’s Southern for damn.) If you’re stuff shoots half as good as it looks, you’re amazing. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship in everything I see on your website. It’s obvious that you love your work and really care about it.

  2. Larry says:

    Did I miss the finished rifle photos?

  3. Greg says:

    Beautiful rifle. Can you send me information on the raffle. When is it and can I purchase tickets. Thanks!

  4. Doan says:

    Unfortunately the time is past for this year.

    Thank you for your interest.


  5. Howard E. Newman Jr says:

    Love what you are doing. Can I buy tickets for it or are they all gone? I know this is May 2011 but im a RVN Vet and would love to have that gun. I am a smallbore target shooter to boot.


    Semper fi

  6. cruisor says:

    Your an amazing craftsman, very much someone has the ability to blend all the parts to make up an outstanding rifle.

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