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Final Pictures of F-Class BAT Action and Stock

Today, I finished the stock for this project. Also, I included a rail, so it could be used in FTR. Soon, this will be sent to its owner.  

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Anschutz Cheek Adjuster

On the older Anschutz thumbhole stocks, they do not come with a cheek adjuster. The below adaptation solves the problem of not having an adjustable cheekpiece. This cheekpiece is adjustable for front & rear tilt, cast on & cast off, … Continue reading

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Work Continues onF-Class MB BAT Action

Bedded the action with the bedding block and added the wood for the forend. Sometimes it’s just easier to use your Grandfather’s technology. And, yes that’s a #4 Bailey Plane……  

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F-Class for BAT Action

I’m making a stock for a 1.5″ action. I’m, also, going to make a bedding block, but it will look like it’s pillar bedded. Will be adding material to the front of the stock for a forend.

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Sometimes you have to do something different…..

I usually work almost seven days a week. Sometimes, I need to do something different. My daughters,  both have cutting boards… I wanted to make Sue’s something different. So, I made her a matching set. Cheese board and cutting board.

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Nicely Figured Walnut for Barnard Action

This stock has beautiful figures… especially the sunburst near the back of the stock. As usually, I didn’t take as many in-process photos because I got busy working on it.  

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