Rifle Building


The selection of wood for a custom rifle stock is mostly a matter of personal preference, although the weight of the wood can be a determining factor, depending on how the rifle will be used. Typically the woods that I use are mostly the different Walnuts, although I have also used Koa, Mango, Birch, Maple, Oak, and others. With the advent of modern bedding techniques, the use of other exotic woods (and even some lightweight soft woods) is now a possibility. A stock can be either carved from a blank or can be duplicated.

Determining Length of Pull – measuring the distance from the trigger to the end of the butt plate. The distance between the trigger and the pistol grip must also be determined The length of the fingers and the size of the hand are an important factor in this step.

Stock is cut to proper length.

Action is placed in proper reference position to trigger finger.


action-is-placed-img_2026action-is-placed-img_20251Cheekpiece is cut and separated from the stock. cheekpiece-cut-p1030501

Butt plate is mounted based on calculatioin of length of pull. butt-plate-mounted-p10305161

Hardware is machined for cheekpiece.


Begin rough woodworking on chosen blank for stock. Rasping, cutting, reducing size of wood, fitting butt plate. rough-woodworking-img_4517 rough-woodworking-p1030523Inletting……Wood is machined to fit the action. Clearance is needed for the bedding block or pillars. Total control of the process from start to finish ensures the correct placement of the trigger in the stock.inletting-img_41193

inletting-img_4144Rifle Bedding (also known as glass bedding) is the process of filling gaps between the action and the stock of a rifle with an epoxy based material. The bedding creates a stable and precise fit for the contact surfaces. Bedding is a technique employed in accurizing a rifle and to a lesser extent prolonging the life of the stock. Bedding is either done with a bedding block or pillars or by special request.


bedding-img_4749Remove action from the bedding material and replace the trigger into the action and machine out the stock for the trigger.


The stock is turned upside down and machined for the forend and the trigger guard.

machine-stock-for-forend-rail-and-trigger-guard-p1030602Fine wood rasping, finishing lines on cheekpiece and shaping various parts of the stock and cheekpiece.

fine-wood-rasping-shaping-img_4068fine-wood-rasping-shaping-img_4069fine-wood-rasping-shaping-img_4556Rough sand the stock to approximate final dimensions.

rough-sand-stock-img_4687Machine trigger guard to fit stock.


Hand fit trigger guard and stock.

hand-fit-trigger-guard-and-stock-img_1753Final fitting of the butt plates, cheekpiece, pistol grip, trigger guard and forend rail. This is totally customized to the individual shooter whenever possible.

final-fitting-img_1752final-fitting-img_1755Four steps of sanding – from 80 grit through 320 to 400 grit.

4-steps-sanding-p1030624Determine final finish – oil or lacquer.


Doan Trevor

19 Responses to Rifle Building

  1. Greg swanson says:

    nice website.Ricks trying to talk me into going to pick up my custom match rifle tomorrow.I told him I didnt think it was done yet,but you know Julio!

  2. Doan says:

    Hey Greg, it’s not quite done, I’m still working on the oil finish. Scroll back up a couple of pictures, that’s YOUR stock around the trigger guard in the final fitting pictures! Stay tuned….. yours will be the picture of the day SOON!! The oil finish takes a lot longer.

  3. Rick Curtis says:

    I’m off all week and would really like to see the Swanson 6BRX

  4. Frank Fisher says:

    Looks like real craftsmanship to me

  5. Ruben Reyes says:

    Truly An Artist.. Great Photos Too !!

  6. Jeff Wilder says:

    Dear Sir:

    I am inquiring about a barrel change on a hunting rifle. The rifle is a Remington 700 in 223 Rem. I have a #4 SS Lija barrel blank to install and to chamber in 223 Rem. The rifle was pillar bedded previously and I was wondering if this is a job that your company would do and what the cost would be. Thank you.
    Jeff Wilder

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  8. michael rausch says:

    i’m inquiring on a rifle stock i need custom built to house a mcmillian 50 cal. 5 shot reciever and barrel. i can purchase a tachtical stock anywhere, but what im looking for is a rifle that looks like a fine exhibition grade stock on a normal rifle. i do relize because of size and cal. the stock would need to be thicker and heavier than the norm. So far no one has even attempted to contach me on wheather it can be built. please let me know if your company can accomplish this. thank you

  9. Doan says:

    Hi Michael,

    Sorry, I don’t work with 50 cal, but thanks for looking and contacting me.



  10. Richard Klasen says:

    Love how you “reinvented” the Remington 37, would truly like you tp perform your magic on my remington 541 T HB. I guess if I have to ask how much for your art work I could not afford it anyway, but you do have another member in your ‘fanclub’.

  11. Robert Johnson (South Africa) Love your work – truly awesome

  12. jason wallentine says:

    Hi Doan,

    What does it generally cost to have you build a stock for, say…a Winchester 70 7mm rifle? It looks like you know your stuff, and I’m having a terrible time working with these composite stocks. It’s fun seeing those pictures though, nice handiwork!


  13. brian says:

    What do u charge for a rifle stock? Thank brian 4234431651

  14. Will Roberts says:

    Absolutely beautiful work! How backed up on work are you?

  15. DALE R. KAY says:

    Do you have a mini-catalog and/or brochure of your Exotic(CUSTOM)wood rifle stocks? If so, could you PLEASE SEND ME ONE? TO: DALE R. KAY 1124-350TH ST AVOCA’IA 51521. THANK YOU-SO VERY MUCH!!!!! DALE

  16. Naun Mendoza says:

    I want more info on how to get custme stock made by you call me 956-970-7525

  17. Steven B Murphy says:

    Greetings Doan,
    I’m looking at buying a Browning .22 Buckmark rifle. It seems browning does not have buttstocks or the part below the barrel. If i picked hand grips can you match it to the two mentioned above? or make all say 4 pieces so they all match?
    Thanks for your help,

  18. DALE R. KAY says:

    Do you still make Custom Rifle Stocks? Do you do “COMPLETE INLETTING”? Can you build/make me one for a specific Make & Model? Please let me know!!! Thank You So Much!!!!!!! DALE

  19. Doan says:

    Yes, I make custom stocks. I only do complete rifles. If this interests you, please call me 714-457-5566.

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