Koa Stock with a Gersley Action

This is an extremely rare action. The action is very similar to a Winchester 52. This FTR stock is right hand, but the action is left handed. When complete it will be able to shoot from the bench.

This rife was also mentioned in American Rifleman January 1958.

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English Walnut Stock with Vudoo Rimfire Action

Another beautiful piece of wood to work on.

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New Smallbore Project – 52 Winchester Part #3

This is the 3rd installment my 52C Winchester project.

Finally, the action and the stock has come together. There’s a scope rail that has to be made to fit on the action.

Soon, I’ll find scope and test this one out.

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New Smallbore Project – 52 Winchester Part #2

I’ve been shooting a 37 Remington for over 20 years. It’s been extreme accurate with the Hart Barrel. Others that have shot this same model have been set records that will never be broken. It’s not the easiest rifle to shoot on the line.

The pictures below are going to be my new rifle. I figured after 20 years that it was time.

In the pictures I’m sizing an action for bedding.

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New Smallbore Project – 52 Winchester

I put a moveable trigger shoe on a Wright Allen trigger. Also, made a feed ramp and made a recoil lug. The recoil lug on the original 52 Winchester sometimes isn’t deep enough to do the job properly. Here in lies the problem with this receiver. I added a middle action screw that screws into the feed ramp.

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Updating Palma Rifle to FTR

Updating Palma Rifle to shoot FTR.

Installed magnets in cheekpiece.

Made a rear slide to ride rear bag.

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Congratulations to Trudie Fay

Her 2nd California Bear!

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Congrats to Trudie Fay!

She won a California Bear.

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Recent Acquisitions: Fancy Wood Stocks Blanks

I have new blanks in the shop. Take a look. There are 2 pictures of each blank.

#1-#3: These are Turkish Walnut

#4: This one is English Walnut

#5: This one is Koa

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Curly Claro Walnut Stock for model B Bat Action

Worked on this stock last week. It’s chambered for a .223.

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African Blackwood Grip for Eliseo’s, Tube Guns, AR-15 Style Metal Stocks

I’ve been working on another grip.

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English Walnut for a Pre-64 Winchester Palma Rifle

I finished this up on Christmas Morning before Clare and Jonathon arrived.

Pre-64 Winchesters require a magazine box to feed the ammo, therefore these take a little bit more work.

Happy New Years to all of you and your families.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

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Walther KK500 Action in a High Figured Claro Walnut Stock

This action is meant to be put into a metal stock. In order to make the transition from a metal to wood stock I needed to make the appropriate pieces.

Take a look at this piece of wood. It’s another stunner.

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Claro Walnut Stock with Crotch Fiddleback

This piece of wood was a bit of a challenge. The grain is absolutely stunning, but since it’s not straight sanding it made the wood “fray”. Totally worth it in the end!

It’s a V-Block for a Barnard.

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Older Wichita Action with Newer Stock

Made an adjustable trigger shoe for a Kenyon Trigger.

The stock has been custom modified the way the owner wanted it to be. This is a Claro Walnut stock with fine fiddleback.

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FOR SALE: Warner #1 Rear Sight and a Scott Riles 22mm Front Sight

Warner # 1 Sight Rear Sight: Low mileage, Excellent condition, comes with sunshade and rear aperture.

Scott Riles 22mm Front Sight: 3/4 inch barrel escutcheon, 4-6mm aperture, .5 diopter lens, excellent condition, front and rear sunshades.

Both together $950.00 + free shipping.

Call Doan to ask question or purchase.

First come, first serve.

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Spirit of America Match at NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM

Last week was the Spirit of America Math in Raton. It was a great time shooting and seeing everybody.


Below are photo of some of the winners:

Trudie Fay – High Senior – Grand Aggragate & High Senior

Jerry Illif – Commradree & RR

Jim Gaines – High Grand Senior


The last picture is me kneeling with people that shot rifles that I built at the match

Left to Right: Jim Foster, John Hoffman, Stefan Bunde, Trudie Fay, John Friguglietti, Jerry Illif, Jim Gaines and Keith Hoverstad.

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Meet Barney, Our New Dog.

Back in February we rescued a puppy found in a barn. We named him Barney. He’s a very inquisitive and happy puppy.

Apparently, he’s my new shooting coach. Checking my shooting position and natural point of aim.

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VIDEO: Duplicating a Rifle Gunstock / Wood Carver Duplicator

Here’s part one of a video on duplicating two walnut stocks that I’m working on. There will be a part 2 of this video and more related videos.

Please subscribe and click the notification bell to see upcoming videos.

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Converting Stock a McMillman Stock from Anschutz 2000 to fit Voodoo Action

This McMillian Stock was bedded for an Anschutz 2000. I filled it in with bedding compound and bedded for the Voodoo Action. Also, had to get a color kit from McMillan to match the original colors of the stock. Then, I finished it with a two part clear coat and buffed to a shine.

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Congrats to Steffen Bunde!

He won the Idaho Challenge Shield.

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Sporting Stock for Enfield P

I changed gears and worked on a non-target rifle.

Someone I’ve know for 20+ years had an Enfield P action and no stock. The Enfield has a rather large action due to the trigger and magazine box, so I modified the stock from a Winchester Pre-64 scope stock.

This rifle is chamber with .338/06.

God Bless, Sergeant York.

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Congrats to Luke Ramsay for a great job at the National Championships!!

Luke walked down the street to let me know that he used one of the rifles that I worked on.

Congratulations on a job well done!

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Long Range Palma Stock made from Claro Walnut.

This is a piece of Claro Walnut with a lot of fiddleback for a Barnard Action. This will be used for long range with a sling.

This is fiddleback through and through… stem to stern.

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