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Companion F-Class Stock for Golden Bear (Matches a previous stock)

The owner of THIS STOCK wanted a matching stock for his F-Class rifle. The movie below shows me finding the center line on a stock.  

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Reworking a CZ 457 Match Target Rifle Stock into a F-Class/ARA Stock

I made a 3″ adjustable front slider, then milled a rear slider onto the stock. Tried to match new sliders finish to the original CZ finish. The large piece of aluminum is used to align the rear slider.

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Finished Pictures of “Updating an older McMillan F-Class Stock”

The wife of the owner of this updated stock was nice enough to graciously send me photos of the finished product. 🙂

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Updating an older F-Class McMillian Stock

I had someone come to me that liked their current stock.. and wanted it to have an adjustable cheekpiece. So, I went to work. The photos below show what is really inside this older stock. I refilled the stock in … Continue reading

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Final: Claro Walnut with Barnard Action

Here’s the final stock. It has adjustable cheekpiece and buttplate. Pistol grip cap is a mix of bloodwood and ebony.

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Claro Walnut Stock with a Barnard Action with Bedding Block

Recently, duplicated this Claro Walnut Stock. Its new owner has requested a Barnard Action be dropped into it. Made the bedding block to do this. It will have an adjust cheekpiece and an adjustable buttplate.

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