New Finished Grip Ready to Ship

Satin Walnut Right Handed Grip – $205 includes shipping

Doan Trevor Custom Grip Doan Trevor Custom Grip Doan Trevor Custom Grip Doan Trevor Custom Grip Doan Trevor Custom Grip


New grip blanks in stock 03/27/13, ready for finishing  – see photos here

Custom grips are now available for order in Claro and English Walnut or Curly Maple with lacquer finish and stippling. grip-finished-img_19401The fancy grade grips are only available as finished grips.


March 1, 2910 – Just arrived and ready for finishing …. they are all available except the one marked “Lige”. The unfinished grips will be available through Gary Eliseo.

The following blanks (#30 -#39) are currently available. Call or email me or leave a comment to reserve your grip.

Pictures of left handed grip blanks will be posted in a few days. Fancy finished grips are $199 ea.

If you would prefer an unfinished grip, see Gary’s site at



Unfinished grips are ordered from Gary Eliseo at CompetitionShootingStuff.

New grip pics here

Doan Trevor



23 Responses to Grips

  1. Don Crigler says:


    I would think hard on a Grip if a Maple or Myrtle Wood could be had ?


  2. barry hoelscher says:

    Hi Doan:
    I am seriously considering selling my Tubb 2K and getting an Elesio. Your pistol grips look wonderful and I have two questions: 1. Do you in some way fit a grip to my hand or does one buy a “standard sized” grip. 2) What is the price range?

    Thanks, Barry

  3. Patrick Hover says:

    Hi, I want to but a finished Claro Walnut(or similar) stipled grip for my T2K please.

    How do I do this?


    Patrick Hover

  4. Patrick Hover says:

    Sorry I meant “Buy” not but.

  5. patrick hover says:

    Hi Im ready to order the custom grip for my T2K now please.

    please e-mail me with instructions and wood choices.

    Thank you
    very much!

    Patrick Hover

  6. I am looking for Palma grips for a sig stainless steel elite .40 pistol. Rubber do you make them. Thanks

  7. Doan says:

    Sorry, no rubber grips, but I do make Palma grips.

  8. Phil Nesbihal says:

    Thanks Doan for answering my question. How much do they run for my sig p-229.

  9. Doan says:

    I don’t do grips for the Sig p-229. I could, but I just don’t have time right now.

  10. Fraser Bronston says:

    Doan, if I supplied the wood could you make either an ebony or mesquite grip?

    Thanks, Fraser

  11. Doan says:

    Hi Fraser,

    Yes, this would have to be a one of a kind, and I can do it by hand. I have someone duplicate my grips for me, but I could do an one-of, I would estimate $250 for finished (satin or gloss) with stippling, plus shipping.

    Ebony or mesquite would be outstanding and interesting to work with. I have 2 screwbean mesquite trees in my front yard, my wife would shoot me if I cut them down for grips:)


  12. Fraser Bronston says:

    Sounds good to me, I think i’m going to go with ebony. What dimensions would you prefer for the initial block?

    Thanks again, Fraser

  13. Doan says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    I am the proud owner of an Eliseo stock and one of your custom grips. What is the best to treat it with – I currently use Shaftol.



  15. Chris Holley says:

    can these be made to work with an AR 15?

  16. Doan says:

    Yes, I ship two different thread bolts with the grip.

    One fits tube guns and AR15.

    Thank you,


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  18. Mike Lawrence says:

    I have a set of Hammerli 208 1911 style grips that I to have the “mainspring housing” bump removed, like a flat mainspring housing profile. Also once the backstrap is reshaped, stipple the area where the mainspring housing would be. Will you take this job?

  19. Ken says:

    If I shipped you a koa blank, could you make me a grip? I see in the previous comments $250?

    Please let me know,

  20. Rest Schomaker says:

    Hi, Doan. I’d like to buy a grip for my Savage Palma Rifle in an Eliseo S1 chassis. Can you advise what the price would be for a finished one and also what you would need from me to custom fit it? Also what timeframes are you looking at for Completion?

    Best regards,

    Brett Schomaker

  21. Doan says:

    Brett- Give me a call 714-457-5566. Thanks!

  22. Kenny Lankford says:

    Hello Doan,
    I am looking for an unfinished grip that fits T2k. Would I buy from Gary or from you. Looking for lowest cost wood.


  23. Doan says:

    I do the finished grips. Please contact Gary for unfinished grips. Thanks.

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