For Sale


Used Rifle Stocks

Miscellaneous Used Hardware

Pictures may be posted before I have a chance to update prices and descriptions.  Email me or give me a call with questions.

2 Responses to For Sale

  1. Bill Swett says:

    Hello Doan,

    Do you have a pattern to duplicate a Winchester M70 “Marksman’, style stock
    Used on the pre-64 target model?
    And/or, the same rifle in the Super Grade stock, with or without the Monte Carlo comb?

    I appreciate your time.
    Bill Swett.

  2. Dale R. Kay says:

    Could you PLEASE send me some info about your rifle building and CUSTOM Fancy Wood Rifle Stocks? Interested in learning more about both!!! Send TO: DALE R. KAY 1124-350TH ST AVOCA’IA 51521 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME IN HELPING ME-WITH MY REQUEST!!!!! SINCERELY, DALE R. KAY THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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