8 Responses to WoodWorking

  1. barry smith says:

    only 14 min wind YOU SHOULD BE IN RATON

  2. Mark Sundell says:

    I love the stippled look of your pistol grips. If it is not a trade secret, how did you achieve it?

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  4. Tim Lutz says:

    Beautiful work!

  5. Michael says:

    Mastery! Thoroughly enjoyed the photos of your work.

  6. Matthew Johnson says:

    Hey Doan.

    I’m getting my wood blank packaged up to send to you to take a look at per our conversation.

    I used this water-based finish on my last rifle project and it’s working out great.


    If I mailed you some of this project, would you be willing to try this finish out for my project?



  7. Doan says:

    Okidoke, I’ll be keeping an eye for it.



  8. Andy wright says:

    Hello Doan, May we discuss you semi inletting my two piece wood for shotgun project? Let me know please , andy

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