doan-p10101501I’ve been shooting competitive rifle for over thirty years, and building custom rifles for about as long.  I’m a current or past member of Camillus Gun Club, LAR&R (Los Angeles Rifle and Pistol), Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club, Del Norte Rifle Club, Bald Eagles, and Veteran’s Rifle Team.

mike-doan-bob-doan-larr1Mike, Doan, Bob – LAR&R

I grew up on an island off the coast of Maine and also Millbrook, NY, where my father was a biology teacher at Millbrook School and started a zoo.  Millbrook School also had a good DCM club that was run by Al Boothby, who was an acquaintance of Al Freeland. Woodchucks were extremently prolific in the Millbrook area, providing fodder for hunting, and also food for the animals in my father’s zoo (now the Trevor Teaching Zoo). This is one of the few accredited zoos in the country.

Nearby in the town of Clinton Corners, NY lived a man named Mr Dewey, who was a famous gunsmith.  I used to ride my bicycle over to his place in the eary 50’s to watch him work.  Wayne Trimm, the painter and naturalist, was another early influence and I remember him telling my father about Clyde Hart who was building quality rifle barrels in Lafayette, NY.

Here is a link to the first rifle that I built for the US Palma Veteran’s Rifle Raffle in 2005.

veterans-rifle-05-img_45711In 2006 I built another one – here’s a link to the progress on that one.





The Wife, Photographer, and Webmaster. She’s also the one who does most of my emails…….  if it’s legible, she’s probably the one who wrote it.

Doan Trevor




Phone 714-457-5566

Photos and website ©Sue Trevor 2008-20016.  All rights reserved.

26 Responses to About

  1. Lige Harris says:

    Excellent WWW site. I learn something every time I view it. Hope you and Sue have a good new year and 2009.

  2. Doug says:

    Doan, Good looking website ! I’ll send it around to a couple of my Vermont hawkeyes. Hi to Sue and Clare! Regards, Doug

  3. Mike Rossi says:

    Doan, Its been my pleasure reading your site and learning about your career shooting and building rifles. I wonder if you also build 3 Position Free Rifle Stocks as well? Again I certainly enjoyed the information. Cheers!!!

  4. Martin Tardif says:

    Love your website. Did you hear I won the CA Palma Championship? Beat Gary E. by one point. We both shot 150-15x’s at 800yds. (him Sat., me Sun.). I shot with Noma on Sunday, she shot a 150-15x and then I did. I guess I know who to come to when I need another new barrel. Your metal shaving and those Berger 150 vld’s are the shiite.

  5. Mike T says:

    How about a travel up date— or did the ox team die

  6. RON MORPHEW says:

    I am in the process of starting a gunsmith business, and was wondering what type of triggers you use for your rifles.
    Thank you.

  7. Stephen King says:

    I am only learning but the beauty of the cstom built rifles is aluring.
    I am interested in high powered fifle for competition shooting.
    What would the price of one of your builds.

  8. Chris Morris says:

    I wanted to touch base with you about possibly providing you with laminate blanks for your guns to be made out of. We can also bandsaw them out to a template that you provide. Thankyou for your time.

  9. Hank says:

    WOW Mr. Trevor builds beautiful stocks. Can you build one for any action ? I have a new Savage I use for F class and would love to have one of those gorgeous wood stocks for it. Thanks

  10. gordsgarage says:

    Your craftsmanship is a pleaure to see. I know very litle about firearms however your work is outstanding. I have posted a link from my blog to yours. Gord

  11. David Fales says:

    Very nice web site, and great looking work.
    Congrats, Doan!
    -Dave Fales

  12. Doan says:

    Is this the same David falls from Syracuse?


  13. Michael Trevor says:

    Actually Doan has been redoing rifles for a lot longer than 30 years, closer to 50. He redid his JC Higgins 22 rifle with custom finger slot/grips in the late 50s or so and refinished the stock on my old Iver Johnson as well. AND he did nice work then and now!

  14. Albert Hull says:

    I shot in a few matches at Cammillus that you and a man named ? Bill Parfitt were at.At both matches one of you hit the spotter spindles with the .243 rifles you were using at the 300 yd. line blowing the target faces into mess.You were always working on something interesting or selling something.
    Keep up the good work!

  15. Doan says:

    Good to hear from you! That was a number of years ago…..do you still shoot at Camillus? If so, don’t cut Billy and Zack any slack!


  16. Silvano Tonini says:

    Beautiful work love your web site Silvano Tonini

  17. jake dunaway says:

    hi my name is jake dunaway. i am from washington state and ahve access to some very, very beautiful figured maple. im contacting you to see if you might be interested in doing some business. my phone number is 360 646-6033 please call me if you would like me to send you some pictures of some of the fine wood that i have available. thank you for your time. also the website you have is very good. jake dunaway

  18. Ed Terrell says:

    Wow, amazing! You wouldn’t be interested in an apprentice would you? Are you out of ABQ area?

  19. john taylor says:

    You have a very interesting web site. How can a person contact you to determine how much you charge for your rifle building services?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Good to see that you have been fully up & running in the new shop. I’m getting back into it a little and may have to send you a crate of bits and pieces to tweak.

    Keep smiling!

    Nick vE

  21. Anonymous says:

    It was good shooting with you in New Mexico this year. You sure can make a beautiful rifle. I will be putting in an Order for one soon.!
    Take Care,
    SSGT Altendorf
    USMC Shooting Team

  22. Jeff Cutlip says:

    I’m looking for a left handed grip for an Elisio B1 stock . Rifle will only be used for palma matches.

  23. Bill Rodolph says:

    How do I contact you?

  24. Charles says:

    I just found your web site and have been reading daily to catch up with it. I was so impressed with your work that I wrote a post about your site on my blog. Your work is terrific. I noticed that you have a stock duplicator. Is there any chance that you could do a post on setting up and using a duplicator. I lucked into one a while back and I am a little set back by it. I realize that you are very busy and any time you could give to the topic of using a duplicator would be greatly appreciated. I hope to chat with you in the future if you have time. Thanks for a great site. Chuck at GunLab.net

  25. Paul says:

    A man after my own heart ! guns, guitars and motorcycles !

  26. I’ve been checking out different builds you’ve done for last couple of days. Amazing work!!!! I am ‘bookmarking’ this web site.

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