I had a comment about stock height and recoil.

Here are two configurations of F-Class rifles, both shot in this year’s Western Wildcat Match.

This first rifle is Leo Cebula’s which is an Winchester 52E action. Leo was the original owner, he had the gun barreled by CP Hart. This was after Mike Walker left Hart Barrels. Later, Lenore Lepinski had if for a number of years. After Leo got the rifle back, I rebuilt the it and and added a custom Doan Trevor mango stock. I used the old Hart barrel and rechamberred it. This barrel could be approximately 50 years old.

Here is Jim Murphy’s rifle. It’s a Vudoo Action with a fiberglass stock. I reclaimed the stock as it was bedded for 2000 Anschutz. Filled in the bedding and then pillar bedded the Vudoo. Also, I cleaned up the finish and resprayed it.

In reply to the height of the stock causing recoil, it seems to be indeterminate. Both rifles performed well. Leo and Jim both said there is no problem with recoil.

Here is the trophy for the Western Wildcat Match. When I was assembling it, I realized that the names read like the Who’s Who in the Smallbore World.

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