Start of Rifle for Veteran’s Palma Team Raffle Rifle #3

I’m starting today on the third rifle that I’ve built for the Veteran’s Palma Rifle Team  Raffle.  I chose this stock as it has a beautiful Fiddleback Walnut pattern.  Here is the link to the Veteran’s Rifle Team and information about past competitions and raffle rifles .  Click here for the past rifles that I have built for the raffle First Veteran’s Palma Raffle Rifle and Second Veeran’s Palma Raffle Rifle.  I plan to update the progress on the rifle as often as possible.  All work and components are donated  to further the Veteran’s Team.  For information about donating components or purchasing raffle tickets please contact Mike Sinclair at  


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1 Response to Start of Rifle for Veteran’s Palma Team Raffle Rifle #3

  1. Larry Ellison says:

    – Wocering what action will you use for this project ?

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