English Walnut Long Range Target Rifle – Completed

english-walnut-stock-gs-011709-_mg_8285This prone rifle in custom English Walnut is for long range target shooting, and probably will work well for F class with the addition of plates for the rests.  It has a Hart 6mm 1:8″ barrel, chambered in 6BRX.  The length of pull is adjustable.  The trigger guard is custom made for this stock based on trigger placement. english-walnut-stock-gs-011709-_mg_8288The cheekpiece height is adjustable and if you notice you will see that there is a small clearance between the end of the cheekpiece  and butt plate so that the cheekpiece can be adjusted right and left and also pivots heel to toe.english-walnut-stock-gs-011709-_mg_8290
 The  butt plate is ajustable vertically and is able to cantenglish-walnut-stock-gs-011709-_mg_8292The scope rail has 15 minutes of elevation built in.english-walnut-stock-gs-011709-_mg_8294english-walnut-stock-gs-011709-_mg_8296The pistol grip cap is custom Hawaiian Koa and is actually the mirror image  piece from the Mango stock (see previous post).english-walnut-stock-gs-011709-_mg_8298

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3 Responses to English Walnut Long Range Target Rifle – Completed

  1. Larry Ellison says:

    “Nice “……very nice. The cap looks great.

  2. Don crigler says:

    Doan I am ready to order a stock ! Will you be at the Sprit of America ?
    I can bring my barrel action with or come by your place.

  3. Doan says:

    Don-I should be at SoA. Sounds like a plan.What kind of action is it?

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