Scope Rail and Rings for Smallbore and Long Range Rifle – Unfinished Prototype

This has been one of my chief rants over the last couple of years… that the advent of the new rails and rings, which are actually pretty high quality, add so much height to the shooting position, that when you go from your iron sights to your scope you have to raise the cheekpiece 1/4″ to 3/8″.  On this project I set out to make the scope at the same height as my iron sights.  One of the things that I discovered is that when you order a set of rings (that they call low rings now) are the same height as an old set of Weaver rings.  You think you’re getting low rings and they are actually high rings.  The whole affair ends up that you have an extremely high cheekpiece when you get done.  After arguing with the parts for 2 years, I decided to build a prototype for myself to see if it could be done, and still end up with a set of workable, reliable, repeatable rings that ended up the same height as the iron sights.  I think this whole problem developed over having rings and bases to satisfy the tactical shooters.  I appreciate the precision and the quality of rings that are being made for tactical rifles, but what you lose  is the ability to shoot a prone rifle in a comfortable position.  Or maybe I’m just getting to be a cranky old fart….

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4 Responses to Scope Rail and Rings for Smallbore and Long Range Rifle – Unfinished Prototype

  1. Larry Ellison says:

    You have something going for the 40X RF prone style rig ??

  2. Rick Curtis says:

    If you use a NF or March don’t you need the heigth to clear the barrel and front bell?

  3. Kenny474 says:

    I have felt the same way about excessive ring height. Not everyone runs a 50mm objective, yet it seems most quality rings and bases are designed that way. Some nice low bases and rings to keep the scope low would be a nice addition to the current line-up.

  4. keith e herrington says:

    I’m currently building a long range Rem 700 and need your advice on a rail. I’m using a Weaver CT-16 and a Phoenix rear sight. What options do I have in rails that allow me to move the scope forward enough for the rear of the scope to be about even with the back of the trigger guard? Do you recommend the rear sight mounting block be made integral with the scope mount?

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