Installing Adjustable Buttplate on Pierson Stock

This stock is from the Pierson and Morgan era of smallbore shooting.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of the other person that worked with the two of them.  I do know that Creighton Audette  worked with them in later years.  

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8 Responses to Installing Adjustable Buttplate on Pierson Stock

  1. Larry Ellison says:

    Worked with ?
    Barrels,That was Eric Johnson for the Morgan
    Pierson,Stock I don’t know. Maybe a Jerry Fisher for one.They might have shared a shop together.
    Barrels,Johnson maybe,Douglas and Hart. A&M AZ.
    That is all that is popping into my heard at this early Ohio hour.

  2. Larry Ellison says:

    Wood Worker os stock maker
    John Crowley 1953 Perry SB Champ he also worked for Winchester.

  3. greg flannery says:

    American Rifleman, March 1947 has an article entitled “Lock, stock and barrel”. It talks in depth about Eric Johnson and his reputation as a barrelmaker and gunsmith. Ray Morgan made the action and John Crowley did the stockwork on the Morgan-Johnson rifles. Eric’s then 17 year old son, Carl, is mentioned in the article as being a good shooter. I got to talk to him after having bought Eric Johnson straight pull serial #1. There are 6 of these, Eric is in the attached photo possibly shooting that gun. Carl is a living library of info. He mentioned the stock cheekpiece being removable on the Morgan-Johnson, if I recall correcly, that was Crowley’s idea and it worked well. And yes, Creighton Audette did do some of the later stocks on these rifles.
    Take care!

  4. greg flannery says:

    Before I forget to mention, Eric Johnson had worked at winchester for a while too!

  5. Rich says:

    I have a Remington mod 37 thumbhole target with a Eric Johnson 5 star 8 barrel and great trigger. My interests have changed and I was wondering what I might be able to get for this piece. thank you for your thoughts.

  6. greg flannery says:

    Howdy Rich!
    Can’t say what your rifle is worth without seeing it, but I did see that a rifle fitting your description sold on for around $900. For what these things can do, that is cheap! Who made the trigger and what is the pull weight? Have you shot it with different ammo to see how it does? You may be stunned at what it is capable of. Johnson was the greatest barrel maker of his day. As of last year, I was told by someone at the NRA National Firearms Museum that Johnson barrels still hold the record for the number of national championships won at Camp Perry. He retired in 1965 at the tender age of 77! I have a Johnson built rem 37 that has shot as good as .11 at 50 yards with Eley practice ammo! I will try to answer any questions I can, take care.

  7. Tom Morgan says:

    Do you have any photos of Ray Morgan or his rifles? Ray was my uncle but I was too young to remember him. My father had a bolt action he made in the closet for years.

  8. Larry Maher says:

    Hello Tom,
    I just saw your 12/16/13 note today, 6/14/19. I have Morgan/Johnson serial # 31. It was my father’s. He had been a competitive shooter. It has a left-hand action (my dad was left-handed), a JJ Crowley walnut stock and a Morgan trigger. I’ll be glad to send you a number of photos if you’d like. Please let me know how to reach you.

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