Single Shot Bo Clerke Rifle


Walnut Single Shot IMG_1382 Walnut Single Shot IMG_1386 Walnut Single Shot IMG_1384 Walnut Single Shot IMG_1383

I received the action by itself, with several missing parts.  It appeared that it had never had a stock or a forend on the action, so I had to create the hardware to hold the forend and the stock. The stock had to be carved by hand because some of the angle of the drawscrew was at a strange angle, making the job difficult to put a hole in the stock. The first stock I made ended up having a void in the center of the stock when I got it shaped, and I ended up making a second stock.  Then it was a matter of fitting the forend and the second stock. I tried to keep the piece period by using a pre 64 Winchester buttplate that I salvaged.  The buttplate was a mess and required a lot of restoration – Bakers Express Bluing.

IMG_5759 IMG_5758 Fitting the forend to the receiverIMG_5745 IMG_5744 IMG_5743 IMG_5742 This is the first stock where I found the void.  Too bad, it was a beautiful piece of wood.IMG_5730 The photo was enlarged to make a pattern for carving.IMG_5728 Start of the second stock.IMG_5771


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4 Responses to Single Shot Bo Clerke Rifle

  1. Earl Rawlings says:

    I have a complete vigil action for sale, if interested let me know.
    Earl Rawlings 509-250-1827

  2. Rick Haller says:

    I have a clerke rifle. Need screw and dovetail to attach forearm. Also don’t know what caliber it is. Looks like a 375. Any help would be appreciated

  3. Rick Haller says:

    I don’t see any answers to my questions

  4. Sue says:

    Sorry. Please feel free to give me a call and we can discuss. Doan 714-457-5566

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