Moving………. Part 1 … Pratt & Whitney Lathe

Moving under any circumstances is difficult…… moving an entire machine shop without heavy equipment machinery movers is an undertaking.  Sue and I are relocating to Albuquerque, NM  – so far we have three pods (one and a half already loaded)  and will probably need a 26 ft. truck.  The pods are necessary because they can be loaded at ground level -a requirement when you’re moving a 3200# lathe by hand.  Yesterday Ray Del Rio and Gary Elisio’s son Jeremy (dad was in Phoenix this weekend shooting) helped move the lathe.  This is why I’m not in Phoenix this weekend. Today Mike Tuck helped secure the lathe to the inside of the pod and move lots of other stuff.  Any able bodies in  Southern California are more than welcome to join the fun!

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3 Responses to Moving………. Part 1 … Pratt & Whitney Lathe

  1. Larry Ellison says:

    Lots’a luck in your move Dorn.
    I see you are doing it the old fashion way.

  2. David McGiffert says:

    Good Lord Doan…ever heard of Bekins?
    I will try to get over to your new home in the late Spring.
    Watch those toes…


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