Removable Cheekpiece Magnet Installation

This is done so that the cheekpiece can be removed from the stock so that you don’t have to change the adjustment on the cheekpiece. Note that the two little allen heads allow the cheekpiece to be adjusted for cast on and cast off.cheekpiece-magnet-img_03791


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3 Responses to Removable Cheekpiece Magnet Installation

  1. Rick Curtis says:

    Thay looks an aweful lot like my maple stock. Did I wait to long?

  2. Larry Ellison says:

    I love to watch you work.
    Your “jig”,made me think back.I used to use a jig and router to route out the action area and barrel channel.
    Loved every minute of it.
    If that is Rick’s stock..:) do a super job..but that is all you do any way.

  3. Larry Ellison says:

    A Part II

    Do you have a Stock that is used by the 3200 SB Prone Shooter ??

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