2 McMillan Stocks F-Class and F/TR

Derek FTR _1010588Derek FTR _1010574Derek FTR _1010575Derek FTR _1010576Derek FTR _1010579Derek FTR _1010580Derek FTR _1010581Derek FTR _1010582Derek FTR _1010583Derek FTR _1010586Derek FTR IMG_4039Derek FTR IMG_4040Derek FTR IMG_4041Derek FTR IMG_4049Derek FTR IMG_4038Derek FTR IMG_4046

I’ve completed the bedding job on these two rifles for Derek.  The F Class stock was modified by McMillan to shoot F/TR.  The F/TR stock was modified with a monorail by McMillan.  I did minor modifications to the two stocks for proper fit and so that they would look similar. On the F/TR stock I modified it to have a vertically adjustable cheekpiece by putting a thumbscrew in.  This latest F/TR stock from McMillan was extremely straight, precise and a pleasure to work with.

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