1960 – Going to Boston

March 4 -6 1960
Spalding Gray, (Spud Gray), (actor and writer and high school buddy) and I decided to go to Boston to visit friends at Babson College. We started hitchhiking in our first ride took us to Ossipee New Hampshire where the second ride, a fellow in a 56 Ford picked us up and told us to get in the backseat, that we would be good for traction. He didn’t speak for a long time until we got to interstate 95 when he asked us where we were going and we replied Newton Falls. When we got to route 128, he again asked us where and we replied with the name of the bar that we were going to and he commented that it wasn’t far from where his son lived. He dropped us off there and we met our friends from Babson. After a while we went back to Babson College. There was a lot of snow, but we made it back to the school. The next morning one of our friends announced that we had work. We shoveled driveways and made $100 apiece. Sunday morning we hitchhiked back to Freiburg Maine. So much for a party weekend. The $100 is what I bought the Rossignol skis with, which I still have today. This turned out to be the ninth largest storm in the Boston area ever. And we didn’t think it was a lot of snow. I think the weather reports lately are blown out of proportion.

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1 Response to 1960 – Going to Boston

  1. Tomm Alves says:

    We didn’t have Global Warming/Climate change then. Of course, that might tell you something???

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