Congratulations to Derek Rodgers!

Congratulations to Derek Rodgers for taking first place in the first-ever Sinclair International East Coast Fullbore Nationals (ECN) was held at Camp Butner (NC) on April 18-21, 2013.  Here is a link to the article written by Accurate Shooter .

Here are photos of his rifle as I was in the process of building it.

20121024-102802.jpg 20121024-102815.jpg 20121024-102753.jpg 20121024-102742.jpg

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2 Responses to Congratulations to Derek Rodgers!

  1. Winfried says:

    Hi.Will #12 fit a anschuts 64? I have a 64 with a right hand bolt but left hand stock. Looking to chngae it back to right hand. If this will not fit. What would a target stock (indoor 22 league recreational) run me.

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