Clare here…. Dad took another one apart. Can someone please tell who this belongs to? I really hope there are no parts leftover when he gets it all back together. Seriously, I need to know who’s rifle this is….. 😉


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FINISHED: Walter KK500 being put into a Koa Stock

This rifle is going to be used for position shooting. Made a front adjustable hand rest. IMG_1686IMG_1687IMG_1688IMG_1689IMG_1690IMG_1691IMG_1692IMG_1693IMG_1695IMG_1696IMG_1697IMG_1698IMG_1699IMG_1700IMG_3572IMG_3593IMG_3594 2

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Cocobolo Grip for Eliseo Tube Gun

Here’s a different grip! The owner wanted an exotic piece of wood. This means it is shaped it out all by hand. From block to grip.


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UPDATE: Walter KK500 being put into a Koa Stock

Built a few more parts and started on the off-hand hand rest. 69F6EFD1-7555-44D6-A389-A8F71AC228C16102C19D-7FE4-43FA-BF51-54F171159D147E62D993-CC61-44CF-A539-32879CD5573FC3BA384E-75C6-419B-B548-FF3275DD6487D3A2CA3D-FC62-4B6A-9EBB-32082875192D

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Walther KK500 Action being put into Koa Stock

I’ve been tasked with the mission to put a Walther KK500 barreled action into a Koa Stock. The action is mainly designed to be used with metal stocks. Big Thanks to Earl at Earl’s Repair (card below). He was a great help when is came to a few technical question that had me scratching my head. Had to make a bedding block so that the action could be attached. The design on the action is extremely unique…. the 60 degree bolt throw and the loading port is to the rear…. it was really nice to see something this different.

Could this be the only KK500 in a wood stock? Have you seen or heard of any?


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FINISHED: Walnut Sling/F-TR for Barnard Action Long Range Stock

Here are some pictures of the finished rifle. Will be working on a interesting smallbore rifle in the next week or two. Stay Tuned!


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Walnut Sling/F-TR for Barnard Action Long Range Stock

This is a new build. This stock could be used for either sling or F-TR.


These next two photos show me aligning the from the action screws to cut the rear slider.


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Bloop Tube for Swindlehurst.

The muzzle diameter was slightly different.. needed replicate the length of a previous Palma rifle. Made it the property diameter, figured out the length and used a sight that had a 3/4″ bore.


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Final: A Pair of Highly Figured Stocks.

Here they are finished.


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My Thoughts on Palma Shooting…..

Let’s start at the beginning…………

1949 – I shot my first rifle match.

1953/54 – I saw my first high power rifle match at Fort Hood, TX.  My Uncle was Base Commandant. I always thought that it would be cool to shoot the “big guns”.

1955 – I first heard about The Palma Team from my  subscription of The Rifleman.

1957/61- Shot small bore in High School.

1961 – Participated in a demonstration of Biathlon. I was picked because of my shooting and cross country experience. It was my first time shooting high power.

1962 – Joined The Air Force. Qualified in Basic. They tried to con me into joining the shooting team (at the Green Monster), but they had promised me two years of Electronics Training on an Atlas Guidance Launch Crew. With an Altas Missile who needs a rifle?

1966 to 1975 – Didn’t do much in the way of Competitive Shooting.

1976 – Met people like Gene Carson, Creighton Oudette and Wayne Forshee (dun dun dun.. my Nemisis and good friend). I began getting back involved in shooting. Realized it was the time to give High Power a real go. From the 50’s until this time I did my own work on my rifles.. and also on my friends.

1980’s until 1996 – Most of you have known me or have heard the stories. There were multiple trip to Camp Perry.

1996 – Wayne Forshee  put together a team for the The Romanian Trophy. There were 4 of us. Doan Trevor, Billy Parfitt, Ron Michon, and Terry Glen.  We came in 2nd to the Hardholders. There was only one High Master on our team, Ron Michon.

1996 until 2009 – Moved to California. Shot and became friends with some amazing Southwestern Shooters. Still built some rifles.

2009 until 2018 – Moved to New Mexico. Tried to retire. Ya’ll kept calling me, I’ve stayed busy. Built a few Raffle Rifles, I think it’s been about 6.

As you can see, I’ve kept track of the Shooting and Palma worlds. There’s a few things that should be brought to attention. I know that this isn’t as much my circus as it used to be, but as someone who was involved and now has a slightly outside observation point, I see things that could be improved.

Here we go.

To The Power To Be:

Number 1. Team Appreciation: The US Palma Team is every bit as important as The US Olympic Teams. And should be considered as such. The Palma Match is a World Championship.

Number 2: Marketing. Possible thoughts about Marketing. The Raffle Rifle in past years (including this one) could and can earned us more. Have we ever thought about The American Rifleman? We don’t need a hand out, but a hand up. If we could have a place or perhaps the cover of the magazine to support the team or a place on the website to donate to a World Class team that would mean more financial support. We need to take stock of this in the next few month. We are hitting critical mass for fund raising for our team members.

Number 3. Financial Stability. A financial stable team, is a team that can practice and compete with thinking about the money, this makes for better shooters. Unfortunately, some of out best shooters can’t think about participating at the international level because of finances. (Many years ago, I had the opportunity to ski at an FIS level, unfortunately, I did not have the funds. This also happened to me on the shooting circuit.) It’s a shame that we are missing out on such talent. There are ways to ensure a financially stable team. One is having a larger audience for donations and other fund raising means.

Number 4. Team Improvement: The team matches at the Spirit of America Match in Raton, NM at The Whittington Center is a perfect training ground and recruitment for future Palma Shooting teams. Rather than having all the certified coaches show up for the match, who already have all their selected shooters in mind, we organize teams like Wayne did in 1996. We intermix the shooters. Having someone from each qualifications on each team, this teaches all. And at the same time, it allows coaches to evaluate the up-and-coming shooters to shoot between horizontal lines. This would help to eliminate some of the required team practices. This could be done with a number of matches across the country at the local level. 

So, here are my 4 major thought points. I know that these will not be favored by some. At this time in my life, I figure it needed to said. If you have any other ideas or thoughts, please share them here and with other Palma shooters. Maybe we can have an even better team and organization.  Again to drive home the point, fund raising is paramount. Until then, happy trails.


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Finished Western Wildcat Trophy

I’ve been working on this for awhile. I finished it.

These are the legs of the trophy they are made from leftover stock pieces from fellow shooters.

More pictures of the trophy in process.

Finished Trophy. And my name is on the trophy…… on the back.

While I was working on it one of the former winners, Ben Smith, stop by to visit me with his father, Barry Smith.

Ben sent me an article about the 40th Anniversary.

I haven’t been able to talk about, but I noticed that Lones Wigger won this match 8 times. Maybe this should be known now as The Wigger Trophy. When I can, I’ll talk more about him. He saw back board of the trophy completed before his passing. Also, joshed me why it was already done.


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New American Walnut – Delivered

Sometimes, I get more than a piece of wood delivered to me.

Sometimes, it’s a delivery of 680 lbs.

This is fresh from the mill. As you can see, it doesn’t have much color or grain……  (The first time I cut a log of walnut on a sawmill, the slab plunked off and it was grey and green, it was a real heart sinker. After a month or two the color and grain starts to appear.) I have no worries that this will happen to the new delivery. There will be a considerable about of curing time. Seeings how I’m in New Mexico, the dry climate will help cure it it a bit faster.

I will have thick enough pieces for Open F-Class!

In 6 months or so I will check in on them and cut them appropriately to continue the drying process.




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Pair of Highly Figured Stocks



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Dan Gurney



I met Dan in the 1950’s, because I would always be in the way in the pits. We would alway run into each other at different events and had people that we knew in common.

In 2007, I moved and unknown to me (at the time) I moved two house down from his daughter. Our families have been friends since.

My heart goes out to Lyndee and her entire family.

The Trevor’s miss and love you guys.







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English Walnut – F-Class

It’s a New Year’s Day Baby!

Born on 1/1/18…

It’s not very often that you get to work on a piece of wood this stunning. It was a little surreal. It was utterly amazing to make this stock.



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More Work Done: Open F-Class English Walnut Stock for a Barnard Action Right Hand Drive, Left Hand Crank

Completed little more and got the ebony fore-end, front sliders and pistol grip cap installed.


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Open F-Class English Walnut Stock for a Barnard Action Right Hand Drive, Left Hand Crank

Duplicated the stock. I’ve started the carving to smooth it out. This appears to be one of the finest piece of English Walnut that I have worked on in loooooong, loooong time. In order to make up for the fact that getting 3 1/2 inch wood is so difficult, I am using Ebony to add width and length to the fore-end and for the pistol grip cap.


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Finished the Backstop of the Trophy

I finally got all the names on the backstop for The Western Wildcat trophy.

Will do the base in a few weeks. And show you it when I get it done.

Still looking for brass wildcat figurine.



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Working on The Western Wildcat Trophy

Here’s what has been going with the Trophy. Still need to find a brass figurine of a Wildcat.

While working, I realized the Lones Wigger has won the Western Wildcat 8 times.




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That Nice Piece of Claro from 2 weeks ago.

Here’s that beautiful hunk of wood on the duplicator: CLICK HERE!

Here’s that beautiful hunk of wood finished.

It was a lot of sanding for this stock, totally worth it.




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My First Radio Controlled Drone

Sue got a new drone. It made me remember my in theAir Force (my time as a rocket scientist). 🙂

When,  I was merely an adult, I was stationed at Cheyenne, Wyoming.. aka 564 Squadron. Below is a picture of one of the missiles I worked on. They even let me hold the keys and answer the red phone. Any other information I may divulge in this post the secretary will disavow.

The SM-65D was the work horse of putting stuff in space.

Apparently, I had a thing for accuracy way back when. (CLASSIFIED and REDACTED). I have forgotten more than I knew from those days. It’s amazing that we trust our country to out wonderful and brave troops who are barely in their 20’s. Better their fresh young brains, than mine.









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NEW VIDEO: Feeding and Ejecting using Gary Eliseo’s Magazine.

Here is a video showing feeding and ejecting using Gary Eliseo’s Magazine.

Installed by me.

DISCLAIMER: I am right handed. This rifle is left handed. 🙂

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NEW VIDEO: Truing and Blueprinting an Action

I’ve putting Clare to work, she shot and edited a video for me.

This is a simplified version of what actually happens when I go through this process. A  lot of these tools I made myself years ago, before they were available commercially. The threading tool I did purchase.

Take a look here:


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Completed on English Walnut Short Action Remington to be integrated with Gary Eliseo’s Magazines

Here is the original post, go ahead and read if you haven’t, yet: READ ME!!!!

I’ve finally finished this up and shipped it out. Even remembered to get photos of it!

Clare and I took video of me truing the action on this rifle.  Also, have video of feeding and ejecting empties that we’ll post tomorrow.

Fitted this one with a PTG bolt with Sako extractor.




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Wildcat Match

I’ve been working on the trophy. I need to find a fierce brass wildcat aka bobcat. All the ones I’ve found are too cute. Let me know if you have seen one. Thanks!

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