Bedding Block and Recoil Lug ~ Barnard F-Class Rifle

Typically, the Barnard action is bedded with either a round screw in the center of the action, or a square bedding block in the middle screw on the action.  Since this is an F-Class rifle with a heavy barrel, I made a recoil lug to fit the slot in the bottom of the action so that I could use the middle screw as another action screw.  I also enlarged the length of the bedding block.

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1 Response to Bedding Block and Recoil Lug ~ Barnard F-Class Rifle

  1. Gerhard Hamman says:


    Most people I spoke to advised using only 2 of the action screws but a bedding block allows for proper attachment of the action. When I saw this article that not only use 3 screws but also a recoil lug I was delighted. Great job.
    I understand it is years down the line but can you kindly provide any dimensions for this bedding block? I am attempting to build my first rifle stock. The action is also a Barnard model P.
    Gerhard Hamman

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