New American Walnut – Delivered

Sometimes, I get more than a piece of wood delivered to me.

Sometimes, it’s a delivery of 680 lbs.

This is fresh from the mill. As you can see, it doesn’t have much color or grain……  (The first time I cut a log of walnut on a sawmill, the slab plunked off and it was grey and green, it was a real heart sinker. After a month or two the color and grain starts to appear.) I have no worries that this will happen to the new delivery. There will be a considerable about of curing time. Seeings how I’m in New Mexico, the dry climate will help cure it it a bit faster.

I will have thick enough pieces for Open F-Class!

In 6 months or so I will check in on them and cut them appropriately to continue the drying process.




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