Starting Laminate F-Class Rifle Stock

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6 Responses to Starting Laminate F-Class Rifle Stock

  1. HTRN says:

    I’m curious – what are the Pipe clamps for?

  2. Doan says:

    The F-Class stocks are sometimes wider than traditional stocks, and you need a bigger clamp. This just happened to be what I picked up!

  3. Tom Alves says:

    It looks like you do a lot of the exterior sanding/shaping before putting the stock on the milling machine to cut the barrel and action channel. It also looks like you are using a fly cutter to make a a reference surface on the top of the stock before you cut the groove. I’m assuming that you also use the fly cutter to adjust the depth of the stock based on the dimensions of the action, trigger assy. and trigger guard. Is that about right? Thanks for your time.

  4. Tom Alves says:

    I can see now that what I thought was a fly cutter isn’t. I should have looked at the p[ictures more closely.

  5. HTRN says:

    The more I follow this website, the more I think I need to make a fixture for my knee mill to do inletting.

    Thanks for the pics, Doan!

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