Update on Donations for Veterans Palma Raffle Rifle

Here’s a current update on the status of the donations for the Palma Veterans Team RIfle …

Rear Sight Mount and Rear Sight ~ Alan and Dan Warner at Warner Tool http://www.warner-tool.com

Krieger Barrels has donated a Barrel.  http://www.kriegerbarrels.com/

Scott Riles has offered to donate a Front sight and Trigger.

Richards Microfit and Doan Trevor have  donated the Stock  ~ http://www.richardsmicrofitstocks.com/    www.doantrevor.com

Action from Stiller Precision Firearms ~ Jerry Stiller http://www.viperactions.com/

Metalworking and Woodworking ~ Doan Trevor

For any donations and or contributions, please leave a comment or contact Mike Sinclair at estclai1@san.rr.com

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