Pierson Action and Trigger

pierson-action-img_2041This is a Pierson Action and Trigger.  The action will be bedded into an Anschutz stock for a Smallbore Rifle. There were a few of these actions made back in the 70’s – if anyone has any more info, please share.  The quality of worksmanship on this is outstanding and the tolerances are spot on.  It follows the lines of a 52 Winchester with some improvements.

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3 Responses to Pierson Action and Trigger

  1. Larry Ellison says:

    Charlie Huffman ,Washington CH Ohio a LH prone shooter. In the early 60’s started with a 52 bolt and would “turn it around” to LH and build an action around it.Charlie was a Camp Perry regular. This action by the photo is a 100% looking action. I would guess Charlie made less than a dozen of these.All LH for his LH shooting friends. He never charged a penny. He also would not make his Mark on the action or number them.
    Charlie was a gret Prone Shooter from the Golden Days of Prone.

  2. Doan says:

    Thanks, Larry…… I’ve heard of Charlie, but this is one that Pierson actually made himself. Pierson was also left handed and also collaberated with a fellow named Morgan. I think in later years, possibly Craton Audette. Larry, send me an email, I have more info.

  3. Larry Ellison says:

    Rick Curtis has my email addy.

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