Breathing New Life into Old Wood

Over the last 25 years, three moves and three states….. I have a lot of leftover pieces.

The other day, I was sorting through all the pieces and thought… why don’t I make laminate stocks.  I laminated a mixture of Red Heart, English Walnut, Koa and other laminates.

There is 1 Prone stock and 3 that are blanks that could be prone stocks, FTR or F-Open.

If you are interest in one of these stocks. Call me. 714-457-5566.


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Final Pictures of F-Class BAT Action and Stock

Today, I finished the stock for this project. Also, I included a rail, so it could be used in FTR. Soon, this will be sent to its owner.


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Anschutz Cheek Adjuster

On the older Anschutz thumbhole stocks, they do not come with a cheek adjuster. The below adaptation solves the problem of not having an adjustable cheekpiece. This cheekpiece is adjustable for front & rear tilt, cast on & cast off, and cheek height. It can also be adapted to the thumbhole stocks that have the cheek riser, but are difficult to use.


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Work Continues onF-Class MB BAT Action

Bedded the action with the bedding block and added the wood for the forend.

Sometimes it’s just easier to use your Grandfather’s technology.

And, yes that’s a #4 Bailey Plane……


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F-Class for BAT Action

I’m making a stock for a 1.5″ action. I’m, also, going to make a bedding block, but it will look like it’s pillar bedded. Will be adding material to the front of the stock for a forend.

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Sometimes you have to do something different…..

I usually work almost seven days a week. Sometimes, I need to do something different. My daughters,  both have cutting boards… I wanted to make Sue’s something different. So, I made her a matching set. Cheese board and cutting board.


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Nicely Figured Walnut for Barnard Action

This stock has beautiful figures… especially the sunburst near the back of the stock.

As usually, I didn’t take as many in-process photos because I got busy working on it.


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Walther KK500 Forend

On the aluminum stock, a few shooters have come to think that the forend is a little narrow. I recently had a request for a fix. From the pictures you can see it took me two attempt. Learning by doing. The final product will help the shooters that want a wider forend. The new Walther KK500 is an outstanding action.

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FTR Stock with Barnard Action Rosewood Pistol Grip Cap

While working on the cheekpiece many burls (flowers) were revealed. Also, did some lightening on the forend, so that a heavier barrel could be used in the future.


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Updating a K. Kenyon Trigger for a 52 Winchester

The trigger shoe on the original Kenyon triggers do not fit well when 52’s are put into different stocks. The only solution is to add a trigger shoe that can be adjusted for different positions. To do this the trigger needs to be disassembled and modified by adding the adjustable shoe while leaving the original heat treated areas intact.

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Palma rifle with Stolle Panda action with highly figured walnut stock

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Repaired Swindlehurst smallbore rifle stock

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Target Rifle Stock for K31 Straight Pull

The 31 has a long tang And a long tang on the trigger guard. I found a Cloward Dunlap pattern that would fit

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Claro Walnut Sunburst Pattern Rifle Stock Final Pics

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Inletting F Open Class Rifle Stock

You are not seeing double.  These are two stocks that are supposed to be as identical as I could get them…… one is for midrange and the other is long range.  When I got done I thought I had double vision.  These are Stolle Panda F Class actions.  Inletting customized for hand position and specialized bedding.


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Claro Walnut with Sunburst Pattern

Started this stock for a Borden Rimrock Action.


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Final Pictures: Open F Class Burl to English Walnut Barnard Action

I mistakenly called this stock a graft wood stock. It’s not. It’s a piece of Burl that leads into English Walnut.

Note that there are 3 action screws. The middle screw works like a recoil lug. This is a very precision way do do this.

Here are some pictures of the finished piece.

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Final Pictures: Sako Action in English Walnut

Here are the final pictures of this rifle. Hart Barrel. 6mm BR Improved.



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Open F-Class Stock with Graft Piece of Wood Barnard Action

In order to make some stocks wide enough (it’s getting harder to find 3″ wide wood for stocks) I need to get creative. Here, I have laminated a piece of English Walnut to either side of the fore-end of this grafted English and Claro Walnut.


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Sako Action in an English Walnut Stock.

This is a Sako Action imbedded in an English Walnut Stock. This is for Open F-Class Mid-Range. This is low profile. Due to the width of the stock, to widened it, I laminated a piece to either side and put runners on the bottom. It’s in a 6BR Improved.

I’ll be working on the trigger guard and finish in the next coming days.

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UPDATED: For Sale Page

We’ve added even more stuff!


Please call 714-457-5566 if you have any questions.



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FINISHED: Walther KK 500 Action Bedded in an English Walnut Stock

Here are the finished photos. This is a English Walnut Stock fitted with a Walther KK 500 using a bedding block.  I did a lot of machining to make it all mesh together. Once I get it in the wood stock I needed to make a trigger extension. Also, the trigger needed to be dropped down to get the trigger extension to the right height for the pistol grip.


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UPDATED: For Sale Page

Just added new items:



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Work continues on bedding a Walther KK 500 into an English Walnut stock

Final inletting for trigger, bedding screw escutcheons, trigger guard and trigger extension.


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Walther KK 500 Action in an English Walnut Stock

This is a very unique action of the highest quality. It normally goes in a metal stock, but in this case I’m adapting it to a wood stock. I had to make a bedding block that matches the metal stock and that would adapt to the wood.  I got busy making the bedding block and didn’t take any pictures. I will be inletting for the rail and trigger guard and will be making a trigger extension shortly.

This isn’t the first one I’ve done. Here’s a link to a KK500 Action in a Koa stock: CLICK HERE

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