USNRT Plaque Finds Home Next to Old Plaque

I put up my USNRT Plaque up next to my International Cycle Show 1st Place Best in Paint Plaque.

There was an interesting incident at the show. After, we won the all 9 sections cumulating in Best in Show, a rather famous handle-barred mustached guy (he ended up with a TV show) from Southern Tier of New York wanted to kick the crap outta us (my business partner and me). This man had biceps the size of my thigh… luckily, all that cross country running came in use. One of the the other lilliputians that put up a great defense was Al Warner.

This chopper has an Arlen Ness prototype front end. Arlen was concerned about whether the thin tubing could carry all the weight. It functioned without a problem. This was one of the first molded frame chopper to be shown at International Show Car shows. All the wiring was hidden in the frame, including the electronics.

Note the early S&S carburetor. In show judging you get extra points for fenders. I crafted a front fender and was able to attach it to the forks.

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