FINISHED: Walther KK 500 Action Bedded in an English Walnut Stock

Here are the finished photos. This is a English Walnut Stock fitted with a Walther KK 500 using a bedding block.  I did a lot of machining to make it all mesh together. Once I get it in the wood stock I needed to make a trigger extension. Also, the trigger needed to be dropped down to get the trigger extension to the right height for the pistol grip.


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2 Responses to FINISHED: Walther KK 500 Action Bedded in an English Walnut Stock

  1. Michael Caporale says:

    Are you the same foam Trevor associated with PageOne in the late sixties?

  2. Doan says:

    Yep, there’s only 2 Doan Trevor’s in the world and one of the is my nephew! How are you? I’ve been making match rifles for the last 30 years. Moved to CA,then NM. Dave Fales is on Facebook a lot. Gary is still in Keene, NH. Ran into a Page One fan a Rifle Match. Haven’t heard from Thorny, still owes me 50 bucks. Donnie joined the JW. Before the match rifles I had a Triumph dealership, I met Vetters in 1973-4. He said he had the #1 Hurricane and it was hanging on his wall. Give me a call 714-457-5566.

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