Way Back Wednesday

As some of you know my daughter Clare has been out here visiting. She found some old-ish photos.


This one is from the Liverpool, NY Rifle Club. (Clare reminded me how she froze her tuckus off many winters at this club.) This was from a weekend morning in 1985. There was an article in the local paper. This picture was from that story.. some how I walked away with an 8 X 10 B&W Glossy Picture.



Here we are 4 years later (10 Sept. 1989) at the Camillus, NY Rifle Club. Clare got a kick out of this photo. She spent many Friday evenings and Sundays in the summer here, pulling targets.

Hope y’all have enjoyed the trip down memory lane as much as the kid and I have.


Doan and Clare





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1 Response to Way Back Wednesday

  1. Don Crigler says:

    How are you doing Doan ?

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