Thanks to the Wildcat Shooters!

This was very much appreciated and really raised my spirits to know that you are all thinking of me. Treatments are going well and I will be back at the matches soon! ~ Doan

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1 Response to Thanks to the Wildcat Shooters!

  1. gene solyntjes says:

    Hello Doan,

    I have seen two Millers and know of two more in Seattle. When you look up the term Massive you see a picture of a Miller rifle.!
    Freshly back from the Midwest I made a promise to a friend I would supply him with a singleshot .22rf rifle with a scope and some ammo; sight it in, and send it to a gunsmith near him in ND so he could start eradicating all those gophers on his 4 sq. mile ranch. Lord I wish this place was in Colorado! Thanks to a friend I have acquired an inexpensive, but adequate, 30mm scope in 1 -4x, now I have to locate a good singleshot rifle and rings for $120.oo bucks. What do you suggest? His ranch has virtually never seen any shooting so the gophers there are beyond dumb. He will probably shoot up five bricks of shorts before he has to go to long ammo.

    Thanks for any help you can give me in this endeavor.

    Gene Solyntjes (.284)
    Las vegas, New Mexico

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