Steve McGee pattern stock

This is a highly figured piece of Claro Walnut. I have inletted, bedded, added a pistol grip cap.  


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3 Responses to Steve McGee pattern stock

  1. How can I order a stock similar to the above?

  2. Sue says:

    Dan, give me a call at 714-457-5566. Sorry, but I don’t do Twitter and never really look at Facebook. Happy to talk to you. Doan

  3. H M says:

    I’m the owner of that rifle and can confirm it shoots as good as it looks. Thanks to Steve & Shirley for coming out of retirement for one last stock, Dennis Selfridge for the 6 Dasher barrel work and last but not least Doan for doing a great job of bedding the action and finishing the stock. Doan’s work brought it all together. Very, very happy with the work by all hands, it’s an easy rifle to shoot.

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