70th Anniversary of the End of WW11

On September 2nd, 1945 the end of World War II happened.

Today, I’m going to share some family photos to commemorate this day.

FullSizeRender 3

Here is a picture of my uncle, Leander Lachance (L.L.) Doan receiving the French Legion of Honor. Note the security squiggle. Yes, this was declassified properly. We have been trying for years to figure out who the gentlemen with the flat french “scrambled eggs” hat is.

FullSizeRender 2


A photo of Col. L.L. Doan receiving his Distinguished Service Cross.


L.L. Doan is standing behind the car. President Truman and Maj. Gen. Doyle Hickey in the car. The 3rd Armored Division cut Germany in half and covered the most miles of armored division in one day. The record wasn’t broken until one of L.L.’s student (General Schwarzkopf) broke it in Iraq.

My cousin Bill (L.L.’s son) says,

“This found photo was taken within days of the German surrender. Doyle Hickey, 3rd Div Commander with Truman reviewing 3rd Armored Division troops and Col. L.L. Doan, Commander, Combat Command A. I’ve never seen my father so relaxed. How humble the arrogant gesture of the conquerer usurping the vanquished’s own symbol of the people. The backseat of a Volkswagen convertible is too small for human occupancy, much less generals and presidents. Note the mechanical turn signal (dummystick). “


One last photo about WWII. I found this picture on the internet. It shows some of this awards. If you would like to know more about L.L. Doan CLICK HERE. Also, if you have any information, I am always on the hunt and would love to learn more.



I realize that this is not WWII photo, but this is a photo of L.L. Doan. He was Chief of Staff/Commander, Military Assistance and Advisory Group (MAAG) Southeast Asia. During his post he arrange a cease fire between Nationalist China and The Republic of China. I believe this is what Jimmy Carter nulled and voided while he was President. 

The folks who served in early on in Vietnam will remember this. This is before Westmoreland took over.

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