Winchester 52-B with no Magazine Cut 

Here are some pictures of the action. This is one of the more interesting pieces I have worked on. I have no clue of what it really is. All the measurements are Winchester, except the loading port radii are a little sharper than Winchester. You can see that it has Eric Johnson barrel with lots of British Proof marks. There are some initials of CJH with appears to be a recoil lug, and there is an H on the bolt raceway. The bolt handle us not Winchester, but was custom made to fit the user and is not as hard as a Winchester. This came to me without a trigger. Strangely, enough…. I realized in my abyss of a stuff that I had a trigger that would drop in!! Freaky!!  I do not know who made this trigger. My guess is that it is a Wright Allen trigger or a C.C. Pierson trigger. Note the oval shaped slot on the sear. 

This rifle is from the 1950’s and is rumored to have been used by a British Olympian. 

Does anyone have anymore info on this rifle. I would be very grateful for any and all knowledge!





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3 Responses to Winchester 52-B with no Magazine Cut 

  1. Gary DiVito says:

    Here is information on the owner CJH and this Winchester 52

    Click to access The_Marksman_Oct_1950.pdf


  2. Bruce says:

    CJH, stand for C.J. Hyde of England. The link above will take you to a story and that is on page 124 of the magazine. There were recently within the last few years several hundred small-bore rifles imported to a Californaia seller Mac Tilton (MT Guns) from the United Kingdom. Many were auctioned off on and several of those had Eric Johnson barrels.

  3. rapidfire10ring says:

    A more expansive bit of information is on the Remfirecentral forum.

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