Duplicating a stock

Between working on completing stocks and duplicating stocks, I have been keeping busy. Which is great!

These two pictures show stocks tough of the duplicator, the second picture shows them sanded with pistol grips caps.



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3 Responses to Duplicating a stock

  1. Ernie Fuhr says:

    Doan. The stocks look great. I like the Red and purple stock and the dark walnut.!

    I did put a 1.250 – 32 inch barrel on the Barnard stock you made for me. with scope for F Class it weighed in at 20.5 LBS.
    Thanks for all you have done for me.
    Ernest P. Fuhr

  2. Ernie Fuhr says:

    Doan. Great workmanship!

  3. I will take the one on the right. It will be beautiful

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