Duplicating Two F/Class Stocks

I am duplicating two Stocks right now, one in Koa and the other is Mango. The koa stock will be a 22 rimfire for Bob Depasque. He’s doing really well and is ready to start shooting again. We’ve all missed him and are glad to see his return. This will be a great project.





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2 Responses to Duplicating Two F/Class Stocks

  1. Ernie Fuhr says:



    You never said what you are going to do for me. I should have the action if a few days. The trigger will not be delivered until Jewel delivers it. A month to 6 weeks. You stated to me that you need the Trigger.

    I want to know what you can do on a English Walnut stock low rider for me.

    I have the barrel that Randy can install. I will take a nice walnut stock. It is much lighter. The purple heart is nice but very heavy.

    Maybe you can talk to McGee and see what he has in a English Walnut.

    I can also contact Richards Micro fit if need be.

    Please let me know.



  2. Clare says:

    That’s wonderful news about Bob!!

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