F Class Open Purple Heart Stock for RPA Quadlock Rifle Completed

Sue Trevor IMG_4318Sue Trevor IMG_4311
Sue Trevor IMG_4285 Sue Trevor IMG_4290 Sue Trevor IMG_4292 Sue Trevor IMG_4315

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5 Responses to F Class Open Purple Heart Stock for RPA Quadlock Rifle Completed

  1. ebondrew@earthlink.net says:

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    Beautiful , is that a Varnsh finish or some other finish ?  

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doan,would you build one like that for me! Gunter Beer

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  5. Dan Ambrosino says:

    Good evening. My name is Dan Ambrosino and I was looking at your Purple Heart wood stock and wondering if you could make a traditional Purple Heart gun stock for me if you were interested. I am working on a new concept on my rifle. My action that I am using is the 6.5 PRC action with a carbon fiber barrel and a Jewell trigger adjustable down to 6oz of pressure. My scope is a hand built US Optics. I would love to speak with you in hopes that you would be willing to make me a traditional Purple Heart stock to accommodate my hardware that I already have and trying to put the wow factor into my concept. I can be reached at my cell phone at 601-540-7427.

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