F Class Practice at Ben Avery


“Rick Curtis made this video and all credit goes to him. He took his time away from shooting to run the match and take videos! 

Basically, the video shows an F-Open shooter and 4 FTR class shooters of varying shooting style over at the 600 yard line at Ben Avery range. 

The rifle that Doan just finished for me shot high agg score in FTR, but we were all on different relays and it is hard to quantify how things might have turned out had we fired together. Had a little more elevation than I would have liked to have seen, but the issues were ammunition and “operator induced” learning a position. Can place no blame on the rifle or any other equipment. Lots of points left on the table due to corner shots and I will be working hard to eliminate them. Quite pleased with the stock so far, even though I waaaay overestimated my weight. The rifle came in at 1-1/4 pounds under weight limits! The Spruce Goose could have been made of Walnut :)”


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