Koa Long Range Rifle Stock with Barnard Action Complete

Koa with Barnard Action IMG_4037 Koa with Barnard Action IMG_4039 Koa with Barnard Action IMG_4041 Koa with Barnard Action IMG_4042 Koa with Barnard Action IMG_4045 Koa with Barnard Action IMG_4046Finished stock.  Note the adjustable cheekpiece as a space / gap at the rear of the stock.  The allows the shooter to adjust heel and toe without binding between the cheekpiece andt he stock.  The Koa is a Hawaiian wood.  It has been curing in my shop for 2-3 years, just waiting for the right time to become a stock.

Hawaiian Koa is one of the world’s most beautiful hardwoods, which grows only in Hawaii. Koa is world renowned, and used for the highest value finishes in furniture and commercially used products.

Koa trees are rare, tropical hardwood generally found at elevations of 2000 plus feet on the upper slopes of the islands of Hawaii (Big Island) and Maui. Koa tree reaches in height of 100 feet or more, with trunk diameters as large as 5 feet. This unique, native wood is prized for its beautiful range of color and lustrous grain from near black through reds, orange and russet tones to yellow and gold. The grain with its wavy lines and swirling color, give luster and a sense of depth of Koa unequaled by any other exotic wood in the world.

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1 Response to Koa Long Range Rifle Stock with Barnard Action Complete

  1. Frank Fisher says:

    Looks nice. The way the cheek is cut should be an improvement OK

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