Congratulations to Lige Harris

2013 Rocky Mountain Palma and Santa Fe Trail LR Regional Winner


By Lige Harris

July 15, 2013

There were 9 F/TR shooters in the Palma and 10 F/TR shooters in the LRR.  Trudie Fay and Lige Harris finished  top 2 in both events with Lige winning the Palma and Trudie winning the LRR.  I shot my Yellow  BAT Krieger in all but a couple of the stages when I switched to the Big Horn Broughton in Doan’s lightweight spruce stock. The Yellow rifle was shooting  185’s very well but I had too hot a load the first day and was afraid of it by the afternoon so I switched to the Big Horn for the first 1K stage. That didn’t work very well and the next time I tried that rifle was in the first match of the LRR when it was dead calm. It was still disappointing as I dropped 8 pts to vertical.  I returned to the Yellow BAT and was tied with Trudie and the end of the 4th match but drew the sorry relay for match 5 and got whipped big time. Back to the drawing board with the heavy bullet bbl/load.  The Big Horn/Broughton shooting 215’s has always shown some vertical in about 20% of the shots in testing but it was double that in the matches? I still like the way it handles recoil and the adjustments in Doan’s stock are a real plus.  I have switched the Broughton bbl for the Hawk Hill 1-11 and have big hopes for it in the Fclass Nationals this August.

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1 Response to Congratulations to Lige Harris

  1. Ernie Fuhr says:

    Doan Excellent Workmanship! Nice!

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