Summer Vacation 1953

Pictured from left to right …….. Major General Leander Doan (my uncle), Base Commander Fort Hood, Commanding General 1st Armored Division, Doan Trevor along with brother Micheal and sister Gail, Karl (aka Deac) Trevor (step grandfather).  Taken at Fort Hood, summer 1953.  The vacation was two fold….. one to see my uncle off to Europe to command the second armored division and secondly for Deac to work on the acceptance tests for the armored personnel carrier for (I think) the M-4. Deac worked as a design engineer for Franklin Motor Cars and Franklin Engine in Syracuse, NY as well as New Process Gear. Many of the transmissions and transfer cases and synchronizers that many of us are familiar with included his designs that are still used today.  Major General Doan later went on to command MAAG in Southeast Asia and the Continental Command.  And yes, we did check out the big gun later in  the day.

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