Rare Bullard .22 Rimfire Rifle

This is a small frame Bullard, one of the earliest serial numbers in existence. It arrived with no stock and no forend. I’ve been researching this particular model, however there is not much info available. As you can see, this is a straight stock on the pictures, and the the one to be worked on has a pistol grip.

wpid-bullard22rimfireimg_3174-cr2-2011-12-11-18-06.jpg wpid-ishot-3-2011-12-11-18-06.jpg







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1 Response to Rare Bullard .22 Rimfire Rifle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good evening,

    As the author of Bullard Arms (1988) and Bullard Firearm (2002) I can say that my books will asnswer many of your questions. I would however like to get the serial number and particulars of your rifle to add to my log charts. I have since 1974 logged just over 600 Bullard of all types. Incidently only about 2800 rifles of all types were manufactured-nothing near the quantites Flayderman insists upon.

    Best regards,

    G. Scott Jamieson

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