37 Remington Trigger

This is a trigger out of a 37 Remington.  I believe that there were two different triggers, although I’ve only seen one of them.  I don’t know whether this is an accessory trigger, or the other Remington trigger.  The problem is that this trigger had several missing pieces, and had no adjustment for trigger weight any longer.  I came up with this plunger and spring, which fills the space and also works by increasing trigger pull.  Can anyone identify it?

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3 Responses to 37 Remington Trigger

  1. richard blankenship says:

    Doan, Do you still have the old Pierson 37? I remember you had to do a lot of work on that trigger. I think we decided that the trigger was of Clifford’s own making. When I deliver the get well signed target( Amanda’s 200 20x) to Kurt Ingham,I’ll see if he wants to sell back Clifford’s unfinished, no loading ramp, LH SB rifle. I think I would like to pay you to get that rifle back on the firing line. Richard
    PS I can’t wait to see your fingernails after you have been to the salon.

  2. Steve R. says:

    American Rifleman Article with exploded view:

    Click to access ar-rem37.pdf

    Trigger Diagram from original manual:


  3. Art Hurt says:

    Doan, I have two unmodified 37’s. Purchased in late 40s ear;y 50s. If looking at them would be of any help I’d be happy to help out.

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