Rifle Stock for Sale

Please contact me if you are interested.

This is for a  F-Class for Smallbore for a round Anschutz action.



33 Responses to Rifle Stock for Sale

  1. Anonymous says:

    is #10 available? what action is it cut for? price?

  2. Bruce Cunha says:


    Will #12 fit a anschuts 64? I have a 64 with a right hand bolt but left hand stock. Looking to change it back to right hand. If this will not fit. What would a target stock (indoor 22 league recreational) run me.

  3. j platt says:

    I’m looking for a sporter stock for a enfield #4 Mark 1 303 wooded stock walnut if you have one used would be fine at this point can not locate any so far.thank you for your time….JP

  4. David A. Mattingly says:

    i like to know if you have stock with trigger guardand butt plate for mossburg 142k

  5. rapidfire10ring says:

    Doan: Please have someone clean up the photos and descriptions of the stocks that have been sold. I still see the one I purchased 6 months ago.

  6. David Mattingly says:

    I like price on 142k stock for Mossburg 22 rifle buttplate trigger guard for it

  7. Ed Yung says:

    How much for used or even damaged fore stock for Win Model 94 (Actually in .44 magnum)? Main stock? Same for Marlin 30-30 model 336 lever action? For Marlin Golden Mountie 22 lever action?

  8. Michael says:

    Is # 12 available and will an Aschutz Model 54 fit?

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  10. Anonymous says:


    Don’t forget to send a pistol grip for my Eliseo stock.
    Ron Piotrowski
    2035 N. Southern Hills Dr
    Flagstaff,Az 86004
    928-607-1507 cell

  11. Jason gill says:

    hi I am looking for a Browning stock in long actio 30/06.problem is I purchased the rifle in 1985,have got one from usa the problem is it does not fit.can you help me out? Regards Jason gill

  12. Nic says:

    I am looking for a stock for a Remington Nylon 11. If you can get me one or know of someone who can get one for me, could you please let me know as soon as possible. I have been looking for one for quite some time and am starting to run out of options.

  13. Larry says:

    I’m looking for Anschutz 1913 stock made to fit Anschutz 64?

  14. wc chin says:

    Looking for a target stock new or used for a anschutz 1712 mostly for off hand firing. Hope to hear from you soon 206 722-4819. THANKS

  15. Sue says:

    I don’t have any used ones. The only way I get those thumb hole stocks us to make them from a blank.

  16. WC Chin says:

    Please send pictures of your thumbhole stock completed or partly done, I can sand & make final ajustments,all major cutout should be done also price-THAnKS.

  17. WC Chin says:

    Hello Sue, New stock is ok, prefer walnut or Cleo wood also a thumb hole is not nessary! This is a very light weight 22lr with a 21 inch barrel for silhouette shooting.Please forward waiting time & price- Thanks

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  19. Sue says:

    WC- Please take a look at Richard’s Microfit. They are great people.

  20. lapd16478 says:

    Doan, Clifford’s trigger on the #1 rifle was hinged to remove the bolt.

  21. Ash Pardy says:


    The anschutz fclass round action stock for sale..with adjustable cheek rest.

    Seems it’s an ambidextrous stock to fit both left and right hand shooters…and for a right hand bolt.

    I think this would help me..I shoot left but have a Cil model anschutz in 64 action… That’s currently righthand only. Looking to get a stock to fit me for lefthand… With adjustable riser and right hand bolt.

    Can you help me out.


  22. SergiooK says:

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  23. WC Chin says:

    Sue, Very interested,give me a price regards F class ANSCHUTZ 54 stock-THANKS.

  24. Aaron Hamilton says:

    Hello sir, was led to your sight by a friend who said you might have some take off Anschutz 54 stocks available.. I have a 1907 barreled action with the 5018 trigger that needs a mate. The F class stock you have on your website is the style I’m looking for. If that stock is available could you let me know the price, tho I think a “take-off” stock is going to be more in my price range.. Thank you for your time,
    Aaron Hamilton

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  26. Jason says:

    I want to know if you can make me a stock for a trigger master Remington 510

  27. Ani Olafemi says:

    this stock still available?

  28. Sue says:

    The post-64 stock is not available, but the F-Class smallbore stock *is* available.

  29. Scott says:

    Cost on Fclass smallbore. Will it fit an Anschutz 64?

  30. Anonymous says:

    It’s still available. It will not fit a 64. The price is $900.

  31. Tom says:

    If its still available I am ready to purchase for my Anschutz 54.30 barreled action. Please let me know. Thanks

  32. Daniel Vazquez D. says:

    I am looking for an anschutz super match 54 target right handed stock for a squared action what are my options for that rifle

  33. Keith Coleman says:


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